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To Fly or Not to Fly: That Was the Question

Journeying Through Uncertainty: A Plane's Wing Over Clouds

In "To Fly or Not to Fly: That Was the Question," Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan shares her personal contemplation on whether to undertake a flight during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist her 21-year-old son on his journey to a summer job in Idaho. Amidst a world grappling with safety measures and the fine line between yielding to fear and exercising caution, Dr. Schreiber-Pan reflects on her professional expertise in anxiety disorders against her personal battle with the same.

With years of experience guiding clients through anxiety with practical advice, as documented in her book "Taming the Anxious Mind," she finds herself confronting her own "what if's" in the face of a real threat. This narrative explores the dichotomy between the adventurer and the worrywart within her, ultimately leading to a moment of clarity and reduced anxiety as she flies westward, embracing the solidarity of masked strangers on her flight.

Dr. Schreiber-Pan's journey illuminates the internal struggles many face in making decisions in uncertain times. She articulates the importance of finding one's "Goldilocks zone" between fear and caution—a personal act of discovery without judgment, filled with self-compassion and patience. Her experience underscores the potential for personal growth through embracing life's challenges, as offered by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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