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Uncover a Life (Style) of Resilience and Well-Being 


Apr 23

Nature's Healing Power Unveiled:
New Anthology Explores the Transformative Effects of the Natural World on Psychological Well-being


Meet Heidi

Ph.D., LCPC, NCC, ACS   

The Clinical Director of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, Dr. Schreiber-Pan has dedicated her life to improving people's mental health. Through nature-based research she has improved upon our understanding of nature's ability to help individuals reduce anxiety and depression. Through public speaking, authorship, and curative events Dr. Heidi has pushed the boundaries of the mental health field.

Heidi speaks at grand opening of Center for Nature Informed Therapy

Counseling Specializations

Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with Grief

Nature Based Therapy

Positive Psychology

Organizational Productivity and Well Being

Speaking Engagements 

Dr. Heidi speaks across the country on a wide variety of mental health topics

Thank you so much for an outstanding and inspirational talk last evening! You’re such a gifted presenter, with a real knack for weaving together hard science, common sense logic, anecdotal information from your years as a clinician, and emotional (and sensory) appeal. (The catbird and gray treefrog, who were calling as you discussed the calming sounds of nature, seemed to agree!) I appreciate your ability to explain fairly complex concepts in clear, layman’s terms so your audience ends up informed, rather than confused, and intrigued, never disengaged. 

-Brian R   

Director of Education


Dr. Schreiber-Pan has a collection of media outlets including an upcoming online CEU class, a Mindfulness CD, and a Book on taming Anxiety.

Peace in the Wild

What People are Saying about Dr. Heidi's Meditation CD:


"What a wonderful way to fall asleep. No matter how much my mind is racing, listening to just one meditation from Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan makes me so relaxed, I fall asleep by the end of the meditation. Her soothing voice puts me right at ease, and her explanations about what meditation is, puts it all in perspective. She allows us to acknowledge that our minds race, and that is the first step in taking this wonderful journey into meditation, even for beginners."

"Peace in the Wild is one of the best CDs for being still and for being in the present moment. With beautiful soundscapes and a soothing voice, this has become a staple for my mindfulness practice. Highly recommend for everyone, including those with children, as they can benefit from this CD, too"

“I can't tell you how wonderful your meditation CD is, I hear your voice and immediately relaxed.”


Taming the Anxious Mind

Taming the Anxious Mind deconstructs the complex treatment of anxiety and stress disorders into a user-friendly and action-oriented guidebook. It emphasizes that anxiety represents an opportunity to re-train the mind away from destructive thinking towards a healthy mindset. 

Taming the Anxious Mind provides:


  • Expert guidance on how to live a fuller life, manage anxiety and stress effectively and experience vitality and peace


  • An understanding of how the mind works and practical ways to better manage it


  • Success stories from real people who have integrated these approaches successfully in their own lives


  • Practices of mindfulness and meditation to lower nervous system arousal


  • Rituals of letting go to experience a sense of liberation


  • Guidance on limiting unhelpful thinking styles to free up space for positivity and confidence


  • Habits of gratefulness to counteract a negative mindset


  • A life-compass to progress towards a value-informed lifestyle​

Breaking the Anxiety Cycle: Workbook

Obtain the ultimate treatment blueprint for acute and chronic anxiety relief.


Workbook includes intuitive tools such as..

  • Alternative Nostril Breathing

  • What's in Your Backpack?

  • Thought Stopping

  • Decluttering the Mind 

  • 100 Days of Rejection

  • Finding Your Attachment Style

  • Revisiting Previous Loss

  • Day Quest Nature Practice

  • Gratitude Practice

And Much More!!

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